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Kyle Anne

After a stint in Boston attending Berklee College of Music, Kyle Anne calls Florida home, where she's constantly inspired by her surroundings. Her songs evoke a certain brand of sadness, but not without a wry sense of optimism and a catchy melody to get stuck in your head. Her style is best described as indie folk, although when accompanied by her band she takes on a more electrifying upbeat indie rock edge. She has 10+ years experience performing all over the US, and has shared the stage with nationally and internationally recognized acts such as Surfer Blood, Love and Theft, Band of Heathens, Judy Blank, Brooke Eden, Lung, and the Eli Young Band.

Instagram: @hotdamnkyleanne


Michael Blewitt

A guitar player/producer from the Boston area, Mike plays a little bit of everything. He currently plays in local punk band Mya Nus, who blends together punk (mostly), funk(sometimes) and comedy(only to them).


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Sheena Brook

A Southwest Florida Native, Sheena Brook has a laid back style with an energetic and inviting vibe. She uses techniques like looping to create music on the fly that leaves anyone watching in awe. Sheena appeared on NBC’s Season 12 of The Voice where she was hand picked by Adam Levine to be on his team. Since appearing on The Voice, she has gained the attention of Multi-Platinum Songwriters and other Artists to further her creativity in her unique style. Recently, Sheena became the founder of The F.E.M. (female empowering musician’s) which is an organization that hosts events to allow the support of women and an outlet for their own special creativity. Currently, Sheena is working on a new project, songwriting, and making Dive-bar friends through her music everyday.


Robb Brooks

Singer, songwriter & Southwest Florida Native.   
Past: Lead singer of Robb N’ The Cradle Band.
Current: Lead singer of “The Chasing Dallas Band” and partners with Tami Gill in the Acoustic Duo “Brooks & Gill”.
Influenced by: John Prine, Jason Isbell, Todd Snider, Stoney Larue and a million more folks.
2015 Original EP Release - Robb Brooks “Volume One”.
Founder of new virtual tipping application “TheTipBucket


Caelin is an Austin based indie pop/folk artist whose dreamy vocals, acoustic guitar picking patterns, and synth melodies will transport you to a technicolor wonderland. 

After growing up in northern California, Caelin took a leap of faith five years ago, moving to Austin to find a sense of belonging for herself and her music. Under the mentorship of the renowned Americana artist Jimmy LaFave and other successful Austin artists, she was introduced to a new musical world.  

Caelin’s new music bridges her passion of folk music with a more modern, dreamy - etherial sound that has people falling in love the moment they hear it.




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Emma Briggs Coleman

27 year old Florida Native trying to live out her dreams through music.

FB: Emma Briggs Coleman 


IG: Emmylou8


Marc Davis

Marc Davis has played in the Lee County, FL area for 25 years mostly as a drummer and backup vocalist. He has played primarily in original local bands with styles ranging from reggae and ska to post-hardcore, indie rock, and alt-country. Mostly functioning as an arranger behind the scenes, he looks forward to working on songwriting as a whole and learning from all of the other extremely talented people involved with this project.

Venmo @marcsdavis


Ryan Dowd

Ryan's story starts with a fateful gift received at age 13 - a black BC Rich NJ-Series bass that thundered with the sounds of Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, and his dad shouting, "Jesus, keep it down in there!" Over time, he discovered there was more to life than metal (I guess,) and branched out into playing guitar, drums and singing, inspired by Fugazi, Elvis Costello, The Cure, and others.

He currently fronts @Stemwinder, a project designed to prevent him getting lost in hours-long psychedelic soundscapes. If you see him, please do not approach, as his delay-drenched hooks are contagious. Emergency contact info is below:



Madeline Finn

Madeline Finn touches on a wide range of sonic directions in her solo work: sparse folk, meditative piano ballads, twangy rock, and string-laced indie. Luckily, the Cleveland-raised singer-songwriter is also the rare vocal talent with the range to handle just about any music she wants to write. She'll howl and whisper, rage and mourn, croon and conspire—always with breathtaking precision and heart-piercing sincerity. A Top 70 American Idol finalist in 2018, Finn has also fronted two bands (the pop-punk-leaning band Envoi, Americana-tinged trio Whiskey Hollow) and toured throughout New England, the Pacific Northwest, and her adopted hometown of Nashville. Currently she's working on new solo music mixed by Dave Schiffman (Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Frank Turner)

David Groves

David Groves is a singer/songwriter in Southwest Florida. His influences are blues music, outlaw country, 60s-70s rock, and contemporary jazz. He has an affinity for fuzz and delay guitar pedals. In his free time he gardens and paints. He currently fronts the band Brown Dog Jr. 



Instagram @browndogjrfl

Gina Hendershot

Gina Hendershot is a singer/songwriter from Southwest Florida.  She credits her mom with her love of music and for pushing her in a musical direction. Piano and classical music were her first love but at 20 years old she began playing guitar and singing with a bluegrass band called The Toothless Grins in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Back in SWFL, in 2009 she and some friends formed Gina Hendershot and the True Born Sons, an indie/alt-country band that featured her original music. 

Today she lives in Cape Coral with her husband, Brett, a fellow musician, and their 3 children.  She is currently working on a few musical projects with friends


Jaron Hernandez Kucera

Chapter 3: The Quest for Purpose


Through the forests of enlightenment, the mountains of wisdom, and the deserts of intuition, I travelled until I reached the sea of insight. From there I sought passage on the ship of apprehension headed to the far away lands of cognizance where I was to find the true meaning for my being: Writing songs for the world. As I lay in my bed, it came to me as if a dream. An oracle. A messenger with the solution to my existential quandaries. My destiny unfolded before my very eyes. I had been brought to this earth to help solve the songwriting crisis that has been plaguing mankind for all time. With a new found purpose, I headed back to the land of my birth, Texas, ready to bring upon the world my songs. And here I have remained.



Renee Hose

Renee is a Baltimore MD native who’s musical proclivities were evident from a very young age. Growing up in the church as well as a musical family set the tone for her  Soulful and passionate sound. Winning a song writing competition in the 90s provided an opportunity for recording and radio airplay in Delaware. This was confirmation that she was on the right path in her musical journey. Renee currently has two singles available on all online platforms as well as an album set to release 4/20/2020

Reneé performs locally with her band , Relentless Fire and Duo Acoustic Fire 


Instagram : @reneehosemusic
Zelle : 239-209-6769 


Michael Jay

Michael Jay’s music career began in 1999, in Bangor, Maine as an acoustic cover artist.  Although his very first gig was double-booked with Howie Day and canceled, he soon was playing acoustic rock covers at several local establishments including the Sea Dog Brewery.  In early 2001, Michael moved to Fort Myers, Florida and found regular gigs on Fort Myers Beach.  Following a career change, Michael stopped performing in 2003, and only began playing again a few years ago.  Now with new perspective and inspired by the many talented local musicians, Michael Jay has joined the Songwriter Quarantine!

Emma Kate

Emma Kate is a songwriter based in Austin, TX. She plays mandolin in the folk/Americana band, The Haberdashers. She is also a guitarist for the synth pop songwriter, Caelin and is one of the founding members of the comedy/folk duo, The Ex-Girlfriends with longtime pal and co-writer, Kyle Anne. She has $12 in bitcoin and is convinced that she will one day meet Bob Balaban in the wild.






Venmo: @thehaberdashers

Keefe Klug

Keefe and his style of music have found a home in Southwest Florida for nearly eight years with the pop band Charlie Moon.

In that time he made a name for himself with his clever and concise songwriting style.  Currently he is blending his pop background with what can best be described as the "beach country" stylings of the Gulf coast.  In the past, he shared the stage with such diverse acts as Cake, OKGo!, Switchfoot, Sir Mix-a-lot, Afroman, Heidi Newfield, and Taylor Hicks. He will be releasing his first solo album in nearly a decade in the fall of 2020

Instagram: @keefeklugmusic

Venmo:  @keefe-klug.

Brett Klug

After years in the Minneapolis music scene, Brett recently made the move to Los Angeles to chase his songwriting dreams. At the best possible time! Mainly focused on pop and R&B, he hopes to use this time to refine his craft and challenge himself by expanding into other genres

insta: @brett.wk

venmo: @brettklug1


Peter Kolter

Peter Kolter is a songwriter and frontman for the rock band The Electric Mud. Though he has yet to officially release any original music as a solo artist, his influences range from soul and funk to Americana and classic country. Featuring a soulful vocal style, intricate fingerpicking on a classical guitar, and lyrically dense writing, Peter’s original music promises to be unique yet accessible. Peter began his music career at the age of 15 playing bass as the youngest player at a local dinner theater, and his career has meandered for roughly a decade and a half. As a young man learning how to make a living playing covers in bars, he has recently rediscovered the joy of writing music that’s just fun to play. Keep your eyes out for his debut EP coming in late fall of 2020. 


IG: @PeterKolterMusic 

Venmo: Peter-Kolter 

Claire Liparulo

Claire Liparulo is the Lead Singer of Fort Myers favorites The Freecoasters. In her solo performances, she blends of a touch of their unique mix of Southern Soul and Reggae with her roots in acoustic Americana.

She has been recording, writing, and performing since she was 13 years old. She has performed at Carnegie Hall, Supernova International Ska Festival, and has shared a stage with The Aggrolites, The Slackers, The Toasters, Eastern Standard Time, and will be touring Florida with Ska greats Mephiskapheles this July. 


The Freecoasters have just successfully completed their 4th tour and are set to release their second album, A Different Kind of Heat, produced by Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites, mixed and mastered by Roger Rivas, also of The Aggrolites. The album was recorded at Juniper Recording by Caleb Neff. 

Instagram: @claireandaguitar

Melissa Lorentson Timpone

Melissa Lorentson Timpone is originally from New Jersey and has been enjoying and attempting to make music from a young age. She now sings with the local Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers in her spare time while working full-time for hospice. She's also a mom, nerd, and goof ball. 

Jory Lyle

Jory Lyle is an American singer/song writer currently residing in Florida. Jory has records and songwriting credits with several bands along his 28 year musical journey leading him from the midwest to the west coast, and Florida. Ranging from Indie Rock to Americana, Jory tends to lean toward the human condition with his songwriting. Visit St Augustine wrote: “A burst of brilliance, Jory Lyle’s haunting voice wrecks the walls built around the heart.” 





Katie Lyon

Katie Lyon is a singer-songwriter from southwest Florida. She's spent time busking on beaches in the south and playing local breweries and dive bars in the north, but there is really no one place that holds her. It's safe to say that her music can sound a bit like you're in a honky tonk or a little like a lonely island hideaway. You'll get the feel for both if you ever happen to catch a live show. Katie's music has been licensed with Discovery, A&E, and a few other networks, but she's most looking forward to her next EP release sometime this year. 



Instagram: @katielyonmusic

Facebook: KatieLyonMusic

AppleMusic: Katie Lyon

YouTube: Katie Lyon


Accepting donations for Julie's Memorial Fund - 

*All donations are passed on to woman battling Metaplastic Breast Cancer & their families. 

Gwen McMillin

Singer songwriter from Austin and Sacramento. I’ve been playing for over twenty years. I was  nominated for a Sac Area music award for best new folk  pop artist. I’ve opened up for a lot of local artists here in SW Florida, participated in the Sing Out Loud Festival in St Augustine. I was part of a local unplugged series with The Heart Attack Guns. Music soothes the soul and there is nothing better than making people smile. I recorded my first single, "Light A Candle" with Caleb Vilca and Raynard Studios.

Facebook: Gwen McMillin

Soundcloud: Gwen McMillin

Shaun Miller

Shaun Miller has been performing in southwest Florida for 8 years. Besides his solo act he has played in the band Simple Jack and is currently in Faded Roots. While his current band is reggae, he spans all genres with his music and aims to spread good vibes and bring awareness to many social issues with his lyrics. You can find Faded Roots debut album and single on all digital music platforms. Below is the link to their social media and their spotify.

Faded Roots Spotify 

Caleb Neff

Caleb Neff is really sorry to anyone he has offended an also is a producer at Juniper Recording in Cape Coral, and singer in band Rosaline.  He is a Florida native who thinks flavored creamer is really covering up the problem.  Just make better coffee in the first place

Instagram: @rosalinetheband

Venmo: @Caleb-Neff-1

Lorenzo Price

Lorenzo Price is a Long Island native who spent his formative years singing, writing and performing in Punk Rock, Indie, and Folk bands in Atlanta, GA. While there he was offered a recording and touring contract for his original music, but instead in 2007 he decided to attend the Atlanta Institute of Music where he went on to graduate with Honors and received the schools first Associate’s Degree in Music & Technology. His focus was in guitar performance, music theory, improvisation, composition, arranging, ear training, sight reading, audio production and engineering. While Attending A.I.M. He studied and trained with all of the top talent in the State including Bill Hart, Jimmy Herring, Randy Hoexter, Trey Wright, Carl Culpepper, Steve Reick, Cory Christiansen, Micah Cadwell and Cameron Allen.

Hunter Smith

BMI Songwriter

Lead singer of Jill's Cashbox

Solo artist


Hunting/Fishing enthusiast

Lover of all things outdoors

Beer Geek/Wine Freak

Stunt Casting

Stunt Casting is Ann Driscoll (b. 1987), a multi-instrumentalist and composer who writes, records, and performs songs that fuse the idioms of 60’s pop, horror cinema, and op-ed columns into a disturbing, funny, and singular perspective. She was born and raised and is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

CJ Sutton

Born in Indiana, C.J. Sutton moved to Florida with his wife in 2011, and has been playing bass in several bands since - from pop country to down-tuned doom-rock to live punk karaoke to variety cover music. Having spent ten years in a single hardcore band before moving to Florida, which played only original music and released five albums and did countless tours, his first love is songwriting (arranging in particular). Since 2015, the focus has been instrumental synth music with his project Tiger Beak which you can stream anywhere. While that is a solo project, he has the most fun making music with his best friends the Marx (Mark Stewart and Marc Davis.)


venmo: @cjsuttondeath

Valerie Vonn

Valerie Vonn is an independent recording artist, producer, and songwriter. Born in Dallas, TX, raised in a small town in SW Florida, and now residing in NYC. VV’s music draws from personal experiences, stories, and emotions. Singing in her Southern Baptist church shaped her appreciation for gospel. Her father, a skilled Jazz pianist, inspired her love and curiosity for Blues, Jazz, Classical, and Soul. All of which influence both her instrumentation and lyrics.


Writing and singing has been an outlet from a young age. Now, recording and producing her own projects primarily using live instruments, VV is developing her sound and creative vision.


Big vocals, jazz inspired melodies, and a twist of new school on old flow into the ballads and blues on VV's upcoming singles and mix tapes.